Friday, 17 February 2012

Bullring Trip

This weekend my best friend from my hometown Bath came to stay with me in Brum (that’s Birmingham)!

She arrived at the local station at about 10pm on Friday night so I had a bottle of rose chilling for us when she got here. We had a lovely evening chatting and catching up on the goss!

The following morning we made a slap up breakfast and then headed to New Street for shopping! First we headed to Primark where I bought two new scarves – not the practical kind that keep you warm, no that would be too sensible… but instead I bought two pretty scarves! One has skulls on it which is kinda a Stella knockoff and the other is an oversized leopard print with pink hearts which reminds me of the Loius Vuiton scarf!

In Brum I am very lucky to have a Forever 21 and it is literally impossible for me to go in there without buying something, seriously. Last week I bought two dresses and a shirt, and on Sat I bought a pair of earrings, shoes and a clutch bag! Gahhhm it’s ridic! But, as I always tell myself, it’s a very reasonably priced shop!

The shoes and bag were an absolute steal at under £20 for the shoes and £8 for the clutch. Especially as they both look like they come from Topshop or better! My only slight issue is that all my going out dresses are a variation of this pink/purple/red so it’s tricky to put them with an outfit, still it forces me to stop wearing so much of this colour!!

In the pics the shoes look a little scuffed because I've worn them on a couple of nights out since so I've popped up the photo of them on the website too, so you can see how beautiful they were when I first bought them!


Old friends, best friends and cousins

I've been such a terrible blogger recently, but I do have legit reasons:

My cousin Kate came to stay with me for a long weekend...
We got married at GateCrasher by Elvis
I'm wearing a new(ish) dress from Forever 21, bargain at about £20!

Then a few days later my old friend Fabian came to stay...
Drinkies at Bliss Bar, Birmingham

And then the following weekend, my dearest absolute best friend came to stay, but that is for another blog!

Hope ya'll've been having as much fun as me!