Monday, 31 December 2012

The Perfect Bag

Every girl needs a great bag.

A staple in her wardrobe that looks great with jeans but also with a floaty skirt. A bag that looks equally fab with your summer mac and your chunky winter coat.

I’m talking about a classic bag. 
For me, there are a few requirements:
  • It must be leather to ensure it stands the test of time and style.
  • It must have straps that actually fit over the shoulder, or short straps with an extra across-the-body strap.
  • It must be of a sensible size: big enough to fit all my law books in, but not so big that you end up packing everything you own, including the kitchen sink, just for drinks with the girls.

I’ve been on the lookout for such a bag for a while, and sure there are plenty to choose from…

Mulberry, The Bayswater leather bag, £995

This bag is so beautiful, it gives me shivers just imagining that I might one day be able to swing it over my shoulder. Although, if the opportunity actually arose, I'm not sure I would go for pink...!
Valentino, The Rockstud leather trapeze tote, £1,335
Jil Sander, The Malavoglia leather trapeze bag, £1,100

…but when you are a student with a restricted budget things aren't so easy.  

But, I think that I may have found a solution. It’s expensive but at £165.00 it is still affordable (with the help of some left-over birthday and Christmas money).

Here she is…

ü  Leather
ü  Great straps, x3
ü  Perfect size

This is the K Vintage handbag by Folli Follie. It’s a beautiful large patent leather bag with rose gold hardware with a long detachable shoulder strap!

It also comes in a range of colours…

Now, I do think that this bag is gorgeous and potentially perfect! But, because it would be a big purchase for me I’m going to have a little bit more of a think about it…watch this space!

Merry Christmas! (Belated)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

I’m someone who enjoys the build-up to Christmas far more than the day itself.
However, I did have a lovely day with my family gorging on great food and wine. Then as a treat my boyfriend came on Boxing day which made me a very happy girl!

This year I bought myself two presents…

O.P.I.’s I’m not really a waitress – I’ve been hunting for the perfect red nail polish for years, one that is not post-box red but a classy non-clashing red. And I do believe I have found my soulmate red in this colour. 

I had heard so many good things about I’m not really a waitress, for example did you know that it is O.P.I.’s most popular shade of red and their best selling nail lacquer of all time?! I mean, you can’t argue with that can you.

And, on top of that it was originally released in 1999 as part of O.P.I.’s Hollywood Collection which for me just emphasises the sexy, classic glamour that comes with this colour.
I think it will be my new fall-back colour, if I ever can’t decide what colour to paint my nails I will be making a bee line to this one.

I love this colour, even after a few days of wearing it I still stop to stare at my nails and admire the micro-shimmers which just gives it an extra pazaz! It’s got a classic, timeless look – I can see this being in my collection for the rest of my days!

My second present to myself was seasons one and two of Gossip Girl which is another of my obsessions (See here and here). 

After watching the final episode last week I knew that I wanted to own it so I stalked ebay and found the seasons one and two box-set for under £10!
I plan to buy the other seasons too so that I can have Blair and Chuck forever!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Goodbye Gossip Girl XOXO

*WARNING! This post contains spoilers!*

So here we are, at the end of an era!

The reign of Gossip Girl is over!

I have been a huge fan of the show right from the start when I was just 17 and in 6th form.
I remember wearing skirts and coloured tights to match Blair’s style.
This is a really big deal to me and I will truly miss catching up with the drama of my favourite Upper East Siders.

Gossip Girl had it all: fashion, drama, scheming, romance, hot guys and the greatest set in the world, NYC.
Before I start tearing up again, let’s take a look at some of GG’s best fashion moments…  

As you know from here Blair is my favourite character, I think she is far more interesting than silly old Serena! And thankfully Blair won in the final and ultimate fashion stand-off of the show: the wedding dresses.

Blair looks beautiful in blue whereas Serena in that gold? What were they thinking?!

As for the twist at the end, I did not see that coming!

Gossip Girl, you will be missed but not forgotten.

You know you love me, XOXO

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Style Crush: Miranda Kerr

I'm having a serious girl crush on Miranda Kerr right now, she is simply stunning and so stylish.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Coffee And The Paper

This lovely watercolour(?) caught my eye this week.

I came across it on Live Fast, Dress Pretty. (Here

But isn't it just beautiful?

It's got me lusting after a warm summer's day sitting at a cafe alfresco with a strong coffee and the paper (or Cosmo!)

Shame it's the wrong time of year, eh?

Style Crush: Kate Middleton

How exciting is the royal pregnancy news?!

For those of you who live under a rock (sorry!) Kate Middleton (that’s the Duchess of Cornwall, married to Prince William) is preggers!

How time flies it seems just yesterday the two were getting married at their fairytale wedding!

Could she look  any more  like a Disney princess?

This makes me very happy, I love Kate she’s such a cutie and her and Wills seem totally in love which is refreshing.

I am very much looking forward to seeing what the royal maternal wardrobe will entail – leggings anyone?! But for now, I’ll just have to satisfy myself by looking through some of Kate’s best looks to date…

Orla Kiely // Lipsy

Alexander McQueen // Harvey Nichols

Amanda Wakeley dress and Alexander McQueen belt // Nicole Farhi dress and Asos belt

J brand jeans and Official 2012 Olympic hoody// New Look hoody and Fashion Union jeans

Alice by Temperley Shirt // River Island shirt
J Brand trousers, Smythe blazer, Pied A Terre wedge slingbacks // Warehouse trousers, New Look blazer, Vero Moda blouse, LK Bennett wedges

Kate has a knack of looking stunning in everything she wears and I am sure that pregnancy is going to suit her very well!

Best wishes and congratulations Kate and Wills!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

20 Questions

I've been so busy with partying uni this week that I've not been a very good blogger. So I thought I would do a 20 questions post, as suggested by anonymous. 


1. What things can you not leave the house without?

Lip balm is an absolute must for me, plus my purse as you never know when you might need to buy snacks or a nail polish!

2. What is your favourite brand of make-up?
It's hard to pick just one! I really like M.U.A. I think it's just such a great price and I'm never disappointed by the quality. I also love a treat from MAC occasionally!

3. What is your favourite flower?
It's such a romantic gesture to receive any flowers, roses are beautiful although I'm not sure that I would buy them for myself. I think it's Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail who says daisies are the friendliest flower, it's so true!

4. What is your favourite store?
I love Forever 21, it's unusual for me to go in there without making a purchase. But my favourite store just to walk around and be in is Seflridges - I love just to breathe in the luxuries!

5. What is your favourite perfume?
I find I tend to wear a scent to match my mood but I always love to wear Miss Dior by Dior, Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch and Lola by Marc Jacobs.

6. Heels of flats?
I'm a big fan of heels: wedges and a chunky heel during the day and for the night the higher the better!

7. Do you have good grades?
I used to get good grades at school but at Uni I'm not doing quite as well, but I'm in my final year now and I'm determined to do well and make it worth the huge costs!

8. What are your favourite colours?
My fave colours are warm and autumnal and based around pinky purpley hues.

9. Do you like energy drinks?
Ew.  No thanks!

10. Do you drink juice?
Yes, juice is delicios. My fave has to be apple and mango!

11. Do you like swimming?
If by 'swimming' you mean flapping my arms around and not going anywhere then yes. But I can't actually swim properly - I never even got my 5 metre badge!

12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
I guess it depends on the circumstances but wherever I am, I'm sure to pick at a couple of them with my fingers! 
With lashings of ketchup, of course!

13. What is your favourite moisturiser?
I have sensitive skin so I always stick with E45.

14. Do you want to get married one day?
Absolutely, 100%

15. Do you get mad easily?
No, not really. I'm a pretty laid back person. But, I am quite neurotic about certain things - especially when it comes to dealing with my boyfriend (bless him). 

16. Are you in to ghost hunting?
Mmm hello random question?! NO.

17. Do you have any phobias?
I am literally petrified of spiders. I'll have a bad dream involving one about once a week. I really cannot stand them! They creep me out! Get it?

18. Do you bite your nails?
Absolutely not! I care way too much about my nails to do that! But, I do something equally naughty - whenever my nail polish chips I will peel it and I won't stop until the nail is bare. It's an awful habit and means I leave a trail of chipped nail polish behind me in lectures!

19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
No (touch wood).

20. Do you drink coffee?
I'm one of those people who can't function in the morning until I've had my coffee, I love the stuff!