Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Candy Shop Dupe? (Not Quite)

If you've visited Hummingbird before, you'll know that I love Deborah Lippmann, especially 'Candy Shop'. Now, I have to be honest, I got a bit excited and ahead of myself with this post - I really thought I had managed to concoct a dupe of 'Candy Shop' but upon uploading the pics and having a look at piccys online I realise that I was slightly mistaken.

But, before this I had been over the moon, like deliriously happy because each time I looked down at my nails it looked like 'Candy Shop'! Yay for me!

So how did I make this beautiful nail? The base was 2 coats of Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream (See my post about that here) and on top I put my housemate's New York Colour 'Lights, Camera, Glitter' - but I think it's quite old because I've not seen in around. (Sad face)

However, as I said - on closer inspection it just doesn't look the same. The pink needs to be more of a dusty rose pink and the sparkles just aren't magic enough!


The real thing is just sooo much better

So I had been super excited about these nails (hence all 12 photos - sorry!) but I've got to hand it to Deborahh Lippmann, she's got the magic touch.


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cannes Film Festival, Eva Longoria and Marchesa

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the world’s most prestigious film events and previews new fiolms from around the globe.

It is held at Palais de Festivals et des Congres (in Cannes obvs) and is home to the famous red stairs which honour the creativity of the persons involved.

Ive been to Cannes onece with my family, sadly I did not attend the festival but I did have a lovely time trying on silk scarves in the likes of Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Which was actually very painful as I was acting model for my brother who was buying for his girlfriend.

Anyway, the real reason behind this post is how absolutely gorgeous Eva Longoria looked last night at the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival, stunning in Marchesa.

She truely looked breathtaking.
Marchesa has always been one of my favourite brands, the designs are so beautiful, romantic and fairytale-esk.

Olivia Wilde at the Emmy Awards
Eva at the Met Gala
Katy Perry at the MTV EMAs

...and of course Coleen Rooney on her wedding day!


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Loyal Makeup Friends

I thought I would post a blog about my die hard, stuck through the pain to see the other side makeup pals. You know the ones I mean, although I like to swap and change and try new things there are always those certain pots or tubes or brushes that will always be there for you.

The first is No.7's Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser. I remember buying my first one of these for my year 13 prom when I didn't really understand foundation so as a treat mumsy bought me this instead, and ever since I've been hooked. It's perfect for a little bit of coverage and has a really nice smell. I wear this more in the summer when I have a bit of a tan (hopefully) and so I don't like to wear so much makeup.

The next is Boiing from Benefit. I've been using this for a few years now, in fact it was a gift for my 19th birthday, as yu can see I've used quite a bit - but considering I wear it most days it lasts a long time! It's a good concealer and I find it's especially useful for the under eye area where I always have a dark under belly!

MaxFactor's Creme Puffs are also fab. I love them. I discovered them about a year ago I think, I used it a lot when I went travelling last summer as it gives you good even coverage without feeling like you've got a full face of makeup on (although there have been times where I've applied it sliiiightly tipsy and when I've hugged someone there was traces of the powder on their jumper....ooophs!) But tipsy application aside I really like these puffs, partly because of the name and also because I feel like it evens out my face colour wise. (It actually also smells really nice!)

Benefit's Dallas I tend to have a more on off relationship with, one month I love it and the next I don't. I think it depends on the weather, I tend to go quite pink when it's warm outside because I walk quickly and always put too many layers on so Dallas is no good for that. But it's great for gloomy days (ah to live in England) as its a blend of blusher and bronzer and for me the colour is just right! Don't be put off by the actual colour of the block, once it's applied its not as strong!

Finally, not strictly makeup but right in the same neighbourhood, is face wipes. Total Wipe Out Cleansing Wipes from Good Things are my absolute fave! They are so moist, like wet so I really feel it cleanses my face, plus it means they don't dry out like other face wipes do and because they're so moist I find that I can rip them into two, three or four pieces and only use a quarter of a wipe (stuffing the other pieces back in the packet) and a quarter will work perfectly!

So these are the staple pieces of makeup (and face wipes) that I love to use.

I tend to find that I'm more fickle with foundations and eye makeup. Foundation because each time I get tricked by the adverts of girls with perfect skin/I don't think I've found my soul-mate foundation yet and eye makeup just because its fun to experiment!


Do you have makeup staples? What are they?

Monday, 14 May 2012

Deliciously Dark Nails

This dark polish is a real treat to apply, the brush is the best i've seen, one stroke = one coat! I'm really impressed with Rimmel's 60 second paints, they're just great!


Deliciously Dark is a very deep blackcurrant colour, these photos don't really do it justice as they look pretty much black but I promise it's purple really!

This is the picture on the website but I don't really think it's accurate as it comes out much darker, but it shows you the primary of this deep colour.

I really would recommend as the brush is just so easy to use, makes nail painting even quicker and easier than usual!


Sunday, 13 May 2012

MUA/Love Hearts Lip Blam

I've been hankering after these MUA/Love Hearts lip balms since February when I spotted them on Jennifer’s blog. I’d almost given up hope but scouted them in the Bath Superdrug over Easter!

I cannot get enough of this – it is amazing! Initially I didn’t believe that it was a lip balm and treated it like a lip gloss, but as my love grew for this product so did my trust and it’s such a great lip balm. It is absolutely lush!

It has a candy sweet smell and is smooth to apply, plus has super cute packaging!
There are 5 shades within the lip balm range...

I’ve got it in a pink ‘Sugar Lips’, which is great for a daily shine and protect, I wish the colour was a little brighter but I think when I get ‘Kiss Me’ or ‘Hot Lips’ that ought to do the trick!
The best thing about this product is that it retails at just £2 – how good is that?! I’ve heard lots of people comparing them to the MAC lip glosses and that these are better, so what have you got to lose?

They're available online and in Superdrug!