Monday, 28 October 2013

Lazy Post//Life Lately According To My Phone

Time has just been flying by recently. The nights are drawing in and before you know it'll be Christmas time! Yes, I mentioned it. In October. Problem?

I don't mind the prospect of Christmas coming soon, but the speed at which time is whittling past does concern me a little bit! I have so much to do in terms of school work, mocks to prepare for, shopping to do, etc.

Still, I thought it would be nice to share some phone photos of what I've been getting up to lately...

The bf enjoying corporate seats to Bath v Saracens.

My idea of home cooking: pre-rolled pastry with tomato, bacon and cheese!

Now the nights are getting chillier I can wear proper pjyamas again!

Walking to the shops the other day, I had to stop and take a photo - it just looked so pretty and autumnal!

Amazing food and wine at Gordon's, embankment.

Lovely macarons and xmas decs at Fortnum and Mason.

Finally starting to do something about improving my fitness.

Lunch out at The Folly - great atmosphere but disappointing food.

How brilliant does this cake look?! I am seriously considering making it for the bf :)


Monday, 21 October 2013

Sex and the City Style Skirt


I am so excited by what I found whilst online window shopping this afternoon! Do you pine and long after Carrie's beautiful clothes? Well babe, we're one step closer now!

I've been feeling very Christmassy today (yes, I know it's only October. But have you seen the Christmas shop in Fortnum and Mason? It is to die for!)
Anyway, this got me thinking about what I want to wear to all the Winter festivities + what I would want to wear to my birthday party + what I would want to wear to mine and the boyfriend's anniversary.

And, the conclusion that I drew was that I would like a full skirt, and the more research I did I figured that, as ever, I wanted to look like Carrie, here...

Now, if you've visited Hummingbirdxxx before you might have picked up on my girl crush for Carrie - what with this post and this one, oh and this one

So, imagine my delight when I came across this divine skirt in the Coast sale!

Isn't she a beauty!!

Now, I'm supposed to be saving money and being good - but given how pretty this skirt is and the fact that it's in the sales at £59 I think I should buy it, maybe...

What do you think girls? Will you be plumping for this perfect skirt to have a little bit of SATC style in your wardrobe?


Friday, 18 October 2013

Family Time in London

Oh hey'all!

Good evening babes, and happy Friday! 

It's been over a month since I last posted and I wanted to start sharing what I've been up to lately!

On one super busy weekend my wonderful little brother came to stay with me and pops in London. 
Come see what we got up to...

We started off our adventure by Shadwell Basin, then made our way along to Limehouse.

After a windy walk on the Thames Path we found ourselves in Canary Wharf - for small town people like us the giant buildings made us feel like we were in NYC!

Naturally after all that walking we were in need of some subsistence. And seeing as we were in good ole London town we thought we should go for a classic pub lunch. We'd heard rumours that Gandalf (Sir Ian sir Mckellen) owned a pub in Limehouse, so we made our way back and hunted out The Grapes.

It was very traditional and cozy, and was amazingly good value! We all plucked for a cheese burger and were thoroughly impressed. If you like good old fashioned no-fuss food then I would highly recommend The Grapes! But get there early as seating is limited!

After a burger and a beer we walked back home for a snooze, feeling much heavier! 

After an hour's rest we headed back out and walked towards Tower Bridge...

Near Bank we stumbled across the remains of a war-bombed church and found ourselves in a beautifully-calm haven in the centre of London.

Next we visited the building where grandpa used to work...

Finally, we strolled across the Millennium Bridge feeling like contestants on The Apprentice! 

And just before going home we stopped for half a pint at The Dickens Inn in St Katharine's Docks.

Despite not having beautiful weather, it was a fantastic day.

It was so great to see my little bro again. I'm very lucky to be such good friends with him, and our relationship has only got better as we've gotten older.
So if you're someone who struggles with a sibling, don't give up - one day you will realise you've had a best friend all along!