Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lunch With Mumsy

Today I went for lunch with mumsy which we try and do at least once when I come back from uni over the hols just to catch up and stay on track with each other. Being the only girl (aside from my mum obvs) we have a close relationship and I would deffs count her as a bestie.

I've been practising using my Straightners and I've got the curling a bit more in control, but I'm by no means a pro!


Jumper: Topman (My younger brother's)
Scarf: Primark
Skirt: Fashion Union
Boots: New Look
Bag: Canal Street

The jumper is really cool, it has sweet elbow pads!

We headed to our usual girl's lunch spot - Jamie's Italian. We always have a good time here and we never feel rushed which is perfect for our wine fuelled chats! (My only tiny criticism would be that they don't do pizza, I mean what self respecting Italian restaurant doesn't do pizza?!)

But they do make some other delicious food!


Walking back to the car we got caught in an absolute downpour and got soaked!

Looking like a drowned rat!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New Banner

Who likes my new banner? I for one love it and am very proud of my (limited) creative/techno skills!
What do you think?

I got help from Sarah at Clover Lane, it's such a lovely and helpful blog - check it out!


#001 Miss Selfridge

Look at all this super cute stuff in Miss Selfridge! I apologise for the American prices, but they’re all available on the UK site here.   



I think the first two are sweets for going out and the more chilled look for going to lectures and class!

As ever, I’m waiting for my loan to come in so for the mean time I will just have to drool over the clothes on my laptop screen!


Topshop shorts!

I really really want some denim shorts! I’m trying desperately not to visit Topshop because I can hardly resist their denims.

But, I figured if I did it online it wouldn’t hurt would it? Anyone fooled? Didn't think so...

So here are some lovely shorts from Topshop, I got a bit carried away and picked the most exciting ones. Topshop shorts

With my wardrobe (and the size of my bottom) I think I want some that are a bit more plain and simple, but with the pocket lining showing- you know?
Anyway, enjoy these bright, sparkly, summery shorts!


P.S, does anybody else struggle to find shorts that cover more than just their butt cheeks? I still want short shorts, just not total hot pants – yannor?

Monday, 16 April 2012

Nivea SOS Lip Relief

A few weeks ago I was really having trouble with my lips, they were dry, cracked and no amount of exfoliation or Vaseline seemed to do the trick.

Whilst shopping in Sainsbury’s with mumsy I came across Nivea SOS Lip Relief in the beauty department and thought it sounded apt for my lips as the situation was almost at crisis point. So at £2.99 I thought it was worth a shot.


“The innovative formula of NIVEA SOS Lip Relief, with  menthol and caring Panthenol, relieves dry and cracked lips, leaving them soft and healthy looking.

How it works:

Instant relieves very dry, chapped lips 

 Provides a cooling effect 
 Keep lips healthy-looking and soft 
 Skin compatibility dermatologically approved 
 NIVEA® SOS Lip Relief containing Panthenol 
 NIVEA® - For lips that love to talk, smile, laugh and kiss.”

Now, I am no stranger to lip balms, in fact from a young age I have seemed to gravitate towards them and not been able to resist – after all you can never have too many lip balms. Seriously, I even used to keep them on a keyring (I like to think I’m slightly more in control of this obsession these days though!)

Anyway, now that you know my authority on lip balms, back to the review. After about a week I noticed that my lips were so much better and I was able to start wearing lip gloss again (something I don’t like to do with chapped lips). 

I applied the lip relief twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing before bed, whilst using Vaseline throughout the day. The balm has a clear paste-like consistency with a slight menthol flavour, and because it contains Panthenol it is great for quick healing and cell reproduction. The tube is only small (6ml) and so only a little is needed.
And now my lips are back to their healthy kissable selves. 

So, if in need of a serious lip balm try out Nivea SOS Lip Relief as it deffs did the trick for me!


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Cosmopolitan Straight and Sleek Digital Straighter

Today   I ventured into a new dimension, one that for the past 21 years of my life I had left to others, that’s right girls, I bought a pair of straightners!

My hair is dead straight, like it’s ridic. And most of the time this is great, I don’t even need to blow-dry it so it’s really quick and easy to manage. But, sometimes I think it looks a bit lifeless, or that because it’s so straight people will think I straightened it and I don’t want people thinking that.

So, why would I buy them? Curls! Waves! Beach tussled wiggles! I’m always getting my housemates at uni to do my hair for me on nights out, I love big hair, like Carrie big, so usually I ask them to semi-curl my hair then I back-comb it –I can hear you recoiling in horror, but this is what happens if you have silly straight hair, you want the complete opposite!

ANYWAY, I went to Argos with my mum to buy them and ended up getting the ‘Cosmopolitan Straight and Sleek Digital Straighter’ reduced from £49.99 to £20, not bad eh? It’s pretty cool too it’s like pink leopard print!

My I'm excited to use my straightners' look

So I tried out some curls this evening, they’re a bit more ringlety than I wanted, but I think that’s just me needing to learn the skills of the trade.

What's that - a double chin?! Eek!

Here are my remarks:
·         Speedy to heat up + beeps when at temp
·         Multiple temps to choose from
·         The outer bit of the straightner (on the outside of where the plates are gets quite hot)
All in all very good.

I did it first then decided to go over the straighter bits again; I definitely found it earlier to do my left to my right. And then hair sprayed the flip out of it.

I went to the cinema this evening (Titanic 3D - amazing!) and I wanted to show you that the curls held their own!

Cheesy piccy in my 3D glasses, heheh

I’m really impressed with the Cosmopolitan Straight and Sleek Digital Straighter and am looking forward to playing around more!


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Friday, 6 April 2012

Procrastination Gone Wild

 The recipe is adapted from the BBC Good Food website (BBC Good Food Website) I just added more chocolate chips then they said, and I think I baked it for less time because apparently my mum’s oven is super fast!

Then a couple of days later I was inspired reading Glory’s blog (Yummy Treats, Click Here) seriously, its amazing what she can do! And so I ahd to make some cupcakes, but being British + mildly retarded in the kitchen + total lack of creativity, my cupcakes were a little lame in comparison to my inspiration.

And finally, I decided to spruce up my room a little bit because of my boyfriend coming to stay (for the first time might I add) and  also because my room is a bit bare sooo I wanted to make it a little nicer by adding a picture frame and every girl’s go to…fairylights!

Granted you can’t really see what the pics are but they’re a mixture of photos and postcards from when I went interrailing around Eastern Europe last summer!

So that’s what I’ve been up to the past few days! Enjoy drooling over my treats, if you’d like.


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Back of the Net, I've Gone Brunette

I know, I know - awful posing!

Yes, I have brown hair!! Finally I have come to accept myself for who I truly am, a brunette.
And do you know what? (What?) 

Let's take a few to appreciate some lush brunettes...


The brilliant Sophia Bush in OTH

Say what you will about this family, but I for one can't get enough!

For me, this is a major change, I loved having light hair, but apparently for everyone else its not a huuuge difference.
Out of the four other people in my family, only two (half) noticed the colour change - how can my older brother and dad not notice?!

Okay, so it's not a huuuuuge change, but still guys - a little more attention please!

Silly boys. The real test will be in 12 days when my boyfriend comes to stay, will he notice? I won't hold my breath (bless him).