Thursday, 1 August 2013

July|Positive 31 Days, 31 Photos... #31

Untitled #33

Well, here it is folks: the final installment of 31 Days, 31 Photos!


I've been trying to eat healthy recently, and I've been doing quite well. Yesterday mum and I went to Zumba and had to pop in to Waitrose on the way home. 
They had this delicious looking cart stacked with sweet treats: crusty almond croissants  sticky maple pecan plaits and pretty little cupcakes.
Well, it was too good to ignore! I decided to pick a carrot and pineapple muffin which I thought must be vaguely healthy - and anyway, what's the point of anything if you can't treat yourself all the timeoccasionally. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading my 31 Days, 31 Photos posts. It's been really fun and I like how it has made me feel looking back on the photos!