Saturday, 31 March 2012

Revision Is Making Me Cray Cray

Hey darls, 

So it's that time of year again, groan groan it's revision period!
As you know I'm studying for 2nd year Law exams and it is flippin' hard work. My schedule says I'm supposed to do 8hrs a day which I'm trying to do, but it just gets so boring!

Which I think is why I bought these darling little study chums from Paperchase!

Such sweeties

They're cute right?!

They're little highlighters, and I'll tell you something for nothing, they are the highlight of my revision slogs-haha!

Told you the revision was sending me crazy!

Anyone else there sharing my pain and revising for tests and exams?


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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

23 Days And Counting

I went into Topshop today and was blown away by how much great stock they have! Seriously, I do like Topshop but sometimes I think their clothes are a bit too ‘fashiony’ BUT everything I saw, I wanted!

Sadly, as I am a student, I am poor, like broke, until April 23rd when the next instalment of my loan shimmies into my bank account! So until then I would like it very much if you would indulge me in my fantasy shopping…sigh.

This would look well lush teamed with some denim shorts and wedges (durr, obvs!)

Supes cute skirt, a kick back to the 50's(?)

This is such a dreamy, summery top, sweet strap details too

This skirt, to me, is perfect.

I love a good tea dress, I like the interesting sheer detail at the bottom

If you haven't already noticed I'm quite a girly girl and am instantly drawn to sparkly things, like a moth to a flame. Some people would call it tacky but I think a dress like this, worn with the right hair and makeup could be a breath taking statement!

Also, though obviously not Topshop, I saw this great dress in Lipsy!
This dress is lovely, so feminine and romantic, I really like the appliqué flowers and sheer neckline, I think this dress is the perfect cross of sexy and sweet. Plus at £90 I don’t think that it’s extortionate considering it’s Lipsy.  

What do you think of my fantasy selection? Have you been shopping recently? Please let me shop vicariously through you, what did you buy?


Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

We are finally out of Winter, YIPPEE!! (Touch wood!)

Yes, all of a sudden the daffodils have popped up and I'm getting super excited about Spring. I love spring, it's such an exciting time of year; there's the hint that Summer's on its way, everything's so cheery and pretty - plus it means that there will be tonnes of wedges in the shops!

I wanted to share with you a few of the things I love about Spring...

Ahhh, Gossip Girl... I'm not sure who else could pull off that outfit aside from Chuck, but somehow I still think he's super hot, even though he looks like a total dwork! As for Blair, I wish this is what I could wear!

This dress is BEAUTIFUL! It's so delicate and the colours create the perfect pallete for Spring if you ask me! 

Also, look at these great colours! I wish I could wear these but my butt is too large to pull it off! But, that does not mean that I cannot enjoy these lush pastel jeans from afar!

For those that don't know this is the Royal Crescent in Bath, my home town! Spring also means going back home to stay with my family in the uni holidays, but sadly this means that I will also be stuck with my head in zzz boring law books revising for summer exams, which will surely lead me to my next Spring piccy...

Yes, cocktails! Especially Cosmos! Mmm, I love sipping a nice cocktail in a street cafe with the evening sun.

Oh my word - will my obsession ever end?? Seriously though, those who check out this blog must think I have a serious problem, I've lusted after some Deborah Lippmann nail paints for so long and I've still not got any. But, look, this is so perfect for Spring, so cute! This is 'Candy Shop' and tomorrow I'm going to town with mumsy so I will march to House of Fraser and see if they have it - I've seen on the website that they do, but I don't want to get my hopes up!

Aww, and finally to my other obsession - WEDGES! How cute are these Ugg wedges?? Gimme gimme gimme!

What gets you excited about Spring? Are there any signs that Summer is on the way where you are?


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Deets Of The Law Ball

Ow, I'm so sad this is over! I've been looking forward to the Law Ball for so long and now I have to wait a whole nother year to go again!

It took place at the Heart of England Centre just outside Birmingham and the theme of the night was the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales which was well presented during the night starting with dark corridors of baby fir trees lit only by fairy lights, then a lady in a castle window with long blonde locks down to the floor and then the main room looked totally magical!

I didn't capture it very well, but there was a backdrop of twinkling stars and on another wall was a dark forest, it really did look and feel amazing!

Now, on to the exciting details of what I wore! I was actually really nervous about what to wear as the dress code was strictly full length and formal which is hard to achieve without spending a bomb!
Originally I had my heart set on a gorgeous red satin sweetheart neckline, fishtale skirt dress from Coast but daddy had a word and suggested that something a little less eye catching might be a better investment as I'm always saying 'I can't wear that I wore it to (insert another event)' - which by the way is an issue made even more problematic with the appearance of facebook and your friends being able to see what you wore when for about the whole past five years!!

Anyway, I eventually found a beauty of a dress in Jane Norman which actually surprised me - I would never have thought to look here for a formal ball dress but I'm so glad we went because it ended up being perfect! The dress was only £60, which yes is a lot of money for Jane Norman but it doesn't look at all cheap and in comparison to the £200 I could have paid in Coast it really was a sweet deal!

Me and my darling friend Jbob

It's especially great as being a student I have seriously low funds, particularly now towards the end of term, so I was really really happy with this purchase! Plus, on an additional practical note - it can be hand washed! Which meant I could wear it, feel fantastic but not have to worry (too much) about not sloshing wine down myself!

Do any of you have formal events coming up? Where do you guys shop for ball dresses? Let me know!   


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Watch this space for an update on my swanky Law Ball!


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Here Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Happy Saturday!

Here is what has been on my mind the past week…

1. Deborah Lippmann Nail Paints

I simply adore these nail paints; they’re all so fun and sparkly! This set looks perfect for any special occasion or party!

I first heard about Deborah Lippmann on Amelia’s blog and since then I’ve been seeing them all over the blogisphere!

And, happily after doing some research I have found that House of Fraser sell her products, which is so exciting because I thought they were only available abroad!! So, as soon as my finances are in a sunnier position I will certainly be investing in some!
Aside from the Get This Party Started set I also think that Across the Universe looks a truly spectacular colour.

2. Easy A

This movie is quite frankly, amazing! It had me laughing from start to finish and I highly recommend it to everyone, because it’s not your usual chick flick, there’s something more to it.

The part which I keep going back to watch on youtube is this…

3. Pocketful of Sunshine

…Which is why my no.3 is ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ by Natasha Bedingfield. The song is pretty lame and cheesy but I cannot help but love it, it puts me in a good mood just by thinking of that clip from Easy A.

I only got the song yesterday afternoon, but already I am on 126 plays. I’m quite an obsesseive person like that, for example if I like something I eat/listen/drink/watch it until it the thought of it sickens me.

But regardless, this is a super cute song.

4.  My School Bag

This is a picture of my school bag, well not exactly my one, but one just like it. Its a Kath Kidston one which I bought it in the January sales for £20 and it has been a real trouper of a bag!

Seriously, it’s the perfect size for my chunky, wide laptop plus books, it’s waterproof and it has a handy pouch at the front where I store my tissues and lip balms!

5. My Barbour

Finally, this typical English weather of late has been making me very grateful of my Barbour.
My dad bought me this just after Christmas as a gift because when he was at university he had a similar one (a man’s one obvs) and so did my mum. So not only do I love it because it’s super farmer cool (I am from the west country remember) but also because I like thinking of my parents in their barbs.

I also maybe like it because it makes me feel like Kate Middleton, just a little bit. 


Friday, 9 March 2012

Law Ball

This Saturday night is the annual Law Ball; my first university formal!

In my mind I’m imaging scenes from ‘Prom’ and ‘High school musical’ but with age comes some wisdom and I know from my previous proms that sadly it will not be an event of any such calibre.

My first prom experience was in Year 11 which I was on the committee for. It was so exciting as my school was girls only and we had been told we were allowed to bring male dates!  This idea was simultaneously thrilling and terrifying as I barely knew any boys.

I asked my friend Dash to be my date and I, probably not so secretly, liked the guy. And due to all these cheesy American films I expected prom to be the most magical night of my life and I was sure that he would declare his true feelings for me.

Needless to say this did not happen; in fact he spent most of the night dancing with another girl.

My second prom experience was Year 13 and I went with my boyfriend of the time who I was truly completely in love with.

However, that prom was equally unspectacular as I wasn’t completely recovered from a recent illness and I over did it slightly on the alcohol, which naturally resulted in copious unflattering photos.

The problem is, is that these events get so worked up and there is no way that it can amount to everything that you think it will be. Don’t get me wrong,  I am a big fan of romance, shoes and boys but I can’t help but think that these special occasions will never live up to my expectations.

Nonetheless, I am excited about Saturday night – I even got my nails done today! However, I feel like I’m being more sensible about the evening. I’ve not spent a total bomb on the dress,  I’ve not spent months in committee meetings  planning the event and (probably most importantly)I don’t have any unrealistic ideas about being swept off my feet by a boy.