Monday, 21 October 2013

Sex and the City Style Skirt


I am so excited by what I found whilst online window shopping this afternoon! Do you pine and long after Carrie's beautiful clothes? Well babe, we're one step closer now!

I've been feeling very Christmassy today (yes, I know it's only October. But have you seen the Christmas shop in Fortnum and Mason? It is to die for!)
Anyway, this got me thinking about what I want to wear to all the Winter festivities + what I would want to wear to my birthday party + what I would want to wear to mine and the boyfriend's anniversary.

And, the conclusion that I drew was that I would like a full skirt, and the more research I did I figured that, as ever, I wanted to look like Carrie, here...

Now, if you've visited Hummingbirdxxx before you might have picked up on my girl crush for Carrie - what with this post and this one, oh and this one

So, imagine my delight when I came across this divine skirt in the Coast sale!

Isn't she a beauty!!

Now, I'm supposed to be saving money and being good - but given how pretty this skirt is and the fact that it's in the sales at £59 I think I should buy it, maybe...

What do you think girls? Will you be plumping for this perfect skirt to have a little bit of SATC style in your wardrobe?


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